Fingers crossed I can do shows again in 2022

Please check out / support the amazing team at The Kansas Doll Show for 2021!


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Hi, I'm Michelle and I collect crazy dolls. Sometimes, I paint them too! 

My specialty is fantasy collector's dolls. My art is a balance of realism and fun, leaning toward fun! I use a variety of professional air dry paints, clays, and epoxies in my creations. I enjoy experimenting with new tools and techniques.

As part of my commitment to being environmentally conscious, I practice the 3 R’s: Reduce Reuse Reborn. This means that I try to incorporate pre-owned items into my artistic process. For example, I often dress my dolls in gently worn clothing. I reuse shipping supplies, such as bubble wrap, too. These practices reduce waste and give items that might have been thrown out another chance to be used. I hope you join me in doing what you can to protect planet Earth 🌍

Another thing that's important to me is keeping the doll artistry honest. I do not support any company that uses stolen materials to create their dolls. I only buy authentic doll kits.

Keep Portland weird,